Thursday, June 7, 2007

5 June 07

We started to dig the basement yesterday and everything was going great unitl we started digging in the SW corner of the home. Seems we found an ancient burial grounds of concrete. We had to dig about 8 feet deeper and about 8 feet wide the whole length of the west wall to remove all the old concrete and rebar. After cleaning out the hole, we brought in gravel to fill up the hole to 'bottom of footing ' level.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

1 June 2007

We finally 'staked' out the Model home today . Our "Somerset" Model Homes is located on the corner of Gregory Ave and Yellow Creek Road in Evanston Wyoming. You will always be welcomed to stop and ask questions here.

The ground is so hard we had to drive a metal stake in first, to make a pilot hole, then the wooden stake. I also noticed the city sidewalk, right in front of where the driveway will go, is already cracked. We will have to replace 2 or 3 sections right in front of the sales office.